Thursday, May 25, 2006


Are Paul Graham and Joel Spolsky Right?
Or: Should I Start my Own Software Company?

(Taking the Opportunity to Delve in Other Related Matters Along the Way)

Over the last year and a half or so, I've had a growing feeling of uneasiness regarding the work I do as a hired software developer. It was a little bit vague at first, a general itch of dissatisfaction. I initially dismissed it but it kept (and keeps) nagging me. I believe it's a direct result of me reading (too much?) Joel Spolsky and Paul Graham.

These two discuss slightly different matters, but both talk of a "better way" to create software. They have different means to get us there: some ideas intersect, others don't. However, the overall picture is the same: the current prevailing models/methods/tools are defective and should be fixed/replaced. The next step in this reasoning is that if it isn't fixed within their organization, the best programmers should themselves start their own companies. Graham takes that step very clearly, Spolsky less so but that's still the direction one considers naturally after reading his essays. (I'm obviously cutting corners here, I can't do justice to all they've written in a few lines.)

The "better way" mantra appeals to me tremendously as a software developer (and, let's face it, to my ego.) I want to believe there's a better way to do it, because the current one leaves a dry taste in my mouth. I'm not sure they're right, but what if they are?

Spolsky and Graham are both successful, which seems to lend some credibility to their claims. However, this fails to impress me in terms of demonstrating anything. Consider the following bit of healthy scepticism:

Don’t get me wrong. I like both these authors and software developers. I just somewhat doubt their success all comes from their "alleged" source (lisp/better language for Graham, best working conditions/developers for Spolsky). I'm sure they themselves would be the first to admit it.


Yet, the current model is wrong. I knew, but recently a few specific points cristallized in my mind.

1. We code in Java (mostly.) (For the sake of this discussion, know I consider it the same as C# and better than C++ .) I don't hate Java but I've grown very weary of its limitations, verbosity (brought to new heights by Generics) and the obstinate desire by Sun to keep it an "easy" language - although designing a Generics-aware library is anything but.

I've become very proficient with it after 7 years of daily usage. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who are still better than me, but I know this language and the libraries that come with it a lot. (And a lot more than I cared for.) Despite that fact, I can't be as efficient in Java as I'd like. Sure, I spend less time pleasing the compiler and doing monkey work than, say, in C++, but I believe there is still a very good margin for economy that Java simply doesn't allow. There's just too much repetition all over the place: of iterations, of getters and setters, of patterns, of faked closures ("new Runnable() { public void run {…", not to mention when you must create dummy final variables or when you need a return value), etc. The language simply isn't abstract enough. In truth, I'm a bit surprised I'm coming to this conclusion myself. I just "see" it, coding similar stuff day in and day out.

Just to give a simple and very common example, I can't count the number of times I've written something like:

public class aClass {
private int myInt;
private String myString;

public int getMyInt() {
return myInt;
public void setMyInt(int i) {
if (i < 0) throw new IllegalArgumentException("i must be positive");
myInt = i;

public void getMyString() {
return myString;
This is the same boilerplate code all over the place, for every single class (that has setters and getters, obviously.)

Consider this shorter form (fictitious):
public class aClass [int myInt, readonly String myString] {
myInt: value < 0: "i must be positive";
(I'm not saying this form is the best we could come up with, it's just to make the point.)

10 significant lines shortened to 2, not to mention the insignificant lines that waste screen real estate. But the powers that be at Sun would ridicule this shorter form as nothing more than syntactic sugar. True, it's syntactic sugar, but one that saves you a hell of a lot of typing! Don't discard this as laziness on my part. Consider instead the number of hours that are collectively wasted around the world by programmers typing the longer, unnecessary form, whereas the compiler could just as easily infer it from the shorter one.

(And no, the fact the Eclipse provides some wizards to help is not good enough and doesn't mitigate the need for a good, succinct and abstract language. Indeed, the very fact that the Eclipse team thought a good idea to spend time developing these wizards is proof enough there is something wrong.)

2. Our internal procedures follow the waterfall model too closely. Yet, it's very similar to what other software companies do. I'm not completely against the "big design up front" notion but our lack of flexibility in that regard is a hindrance.

I don't want to trigger a debate on this but let me just clarify what I mean by "big design up front". The idea is that at many stages there should be discussion among stakeholders regarding the direction development should take, especially at the requirements and design stage. Obviously, requirements or design can be revisited and change later on but that doesn't prevent the need to discuss them initially. For instance our process requires that a design document be written before coding starts. True, in my experience nothing focuses a discussion more than a document explaining the proposed course of action (possibly including discarded alternatives). So writing a design document up front is the ideal way to go: we can all discuss the proposed design, tweak it until it satisfies us, and then code. However that's not very realistic except for the most trivial designs.

I for one can't work that way (and I've tried). English simply isn't structured enough like a programming language that I can think my design in English. To design I must conjure up classes, think of their interactions, mock up a client, extract commonality, etc. The best way for me to do this is to use Java directly. Obviously, I don't need to code everything but just stubs won't do either. I discover the design as much as I think it. Indeed, in the middle of this "designing", I often realize something that will alter it significantly: a library that doesn't work as intended, an unknown limitation, a brilliant simplification… I'm glad then I didn't write the document up front, because that would require a whole new round of documentation and discussing.

So, in a way, I apply the "up front" strategy one step further: I ensure my design will hold the water before writing a whole 30 pages document with figures describing it. Anyone who has had to change a design document after the fact knows the tediousness of changing figures and text everywhere to accommodate, say, a simple change in the inheritance hierarchy. In that respect, code is more succinct to describe such relationships than a document, so it makes sense to write some code first.

This actually contributes to my discontent. What if the language we used was more abstract, more succinct and less verbose than Java? Supposing coding itself would be more efficient with such a language, wouldn't design (using my method) be more efficient as well? And going one step further, could we review the design directly in code without going through the lengthy documentation phase? Perhaps not completely, but could a hybrid code & documentation be used at the review?

3. No matter how much time I invest working for an employer, I'm never really helping myself in direct proportion to my efforts. In fact, the more time I put in, the less relative benefit I get out of working for that company (overtime is not paid). The consequence is that I refrain myself from doing (too much) overtime.

This in itself is not really an issue but it has a perverse effect. Sometimes, I have the drive to go on, to continue working: I'm in the "zone". However, time is up and I go home. This is an additional "economy" that is not realized working for someone else. By that I mean that if I had received some benefit from it, I would have traded spare time with time coding, which would have advanced the project faster. To use an economic term, the "marginal" passion that would have led me to produce more is lost. (Obviously, this doesn’t apply for someone whose overtime is paid but I don't think that's prevalent in our trade.)

The problem with these points is that they are not specific to the company I work for. For instance, a search in a popular job posting site reveals there are currently 82 Java positions open in my area, 59 C++ positions, 29 C# positions. Ruby, Python, Lisp and Scheme (languages I consider more "advanced") get a grand total of 0 positions.


Honestly, I've never seen an "enlightened" software shop, those talked about by Graham and Spolsky. But that's great since I'll be able to start my own and compete against the non-enlightened ones, right? Because now that I've experienced first hand what it is to work for a non-enlightened software company I've got the itch to start my own.

The real question is this: are Spolsky and Graham right in a more general sense? Is it true that using better tools/languages and/or hiring top-notch developers and giving them great working conditions (starting with myself ;) gives you a real, tangible edge (and not just a marketing hedge in certain spheres)?

What if I start a company that develops, say, accounting software for individuals and small businesses? Or an IMS (IP Media Subsystem) server? Or point-of-sales software? For instance, the fact that my software is written in this and that language and that my employees are the best is not going to directly influence the small business owner looking for accounting software. Marketing will. (Note that I've intentionally left out from the list web applications and software used by programmers themselves, as we are more affected by the underlying technology than the rest of the population. Case in point: for some, reddit is great written in lisp but sucks terribly written in python.)

This question is very interesting to me given that I'd very much like to have it my own way by choosing the languages and tools I use and the colleagues I work with (although at this stage it would probably be a single person affair.) Especially so if it leads me to get my hand on the profits my employer reaps on top on what I cost and generate even more profit by being more productive.

However, I can't help thinking that Graham and Spolsky overhype their beliefs. Is the efficiency increase realized by choosing the "better way" really that significant? Or does it instead all boil down to something less flattering to our ego like which company has the better marketing?

Don't misunderstand me. I known they don't claim that just writing software without any form of marketing or organization around it will work fine. What they claim however is that the better way will give you a tremendous edge over the competition.

This distinction is very important to me because writing software, I'm excellent at, but marketing, is, well, another matter...

So, should I start my own software company after all?

Only create your own company if you are willing to work 12 to 20 hours per day for a few years. Once you start your own company you will never take a vacation, you will never have time off. Oddly enough your per hour rate will plummet to less then that of a HTML monkey.

It will probably be more fun, and yes there is a small chance you will make it big. Remember that 75% of companies fail in the first three years. Chances are very strong that you will fail, once you do you might not have anything left either.

Lots of people find it addicting though and the payoff can be big if you get bought.

Just hope MS doesn't notice you or your market and produce a free copy included with windows.
class aClass
---MyInt as int
---readonly MyString as string
------MyInt > 0 else raise "MyInt must be positive"

Is a syntax I'm using (replace dashes with indenting).

But I'm with you, Sun and MS have completely missed the boat about programming. Verbosity & productivity matter. It's too bad ruby and python are 100x slower than java/C# (anyone who says otherwise is either selling something or smoking something).
Regarding your more terse pseudo Java example. The only problem I can see with that is that, as it stands, it doesn't provide any obvious way to JavaDoc it. Otherwise, I think most Java developers would be all over it. I would. The ratio of typing to actual productive code in Java has been driving me crazy forr a long time now.

Also, I've found specs to be very valuable at my current company, the larger the project the more valuable the spec. That doesn't mean I don't do any coding beforehand though. Usually I do some type of exploratory coding or mock up an initial class hierarcy to help me think though some initial design decisions. I then use that code to illustrate the spec. That helps the people reviewing the spec to grasp the architecter more quickly, which in turn helps them point out potential problem areas I might have missed.

As far as starting your own company, I've done that twice in my past and while I'm generally glad I have that experience, these days I prefer to leave my cares at the office and have a better personal life.
Yes, but don't just jump into it. Make a plan. I personally stayed at my day job while I was trying to build up a client list and a financial cushion. There is nothing like doing it right. The benefit you get from doing it right is so huge, and you feel so creative, that even if you made the same money, it would be worth it. Also, I think you are on the right path with Ruby/Lisp/Python. Find something you know about, or learn about something. Use the most powerful language you can get your hands on. Do something great. Good luck.
yep, i had the same experience.

after working for a while in C++, and after reading much paul and joel, i began to get fed up with the standard way of software development. i like working with people who want to advance their own state of the art, and who like to try new things to make their programs better. sadly, most shops do not fall in this category. no one is interested in giving lisp or scheme a try, even though the potential gain in productivity is staggering. most people just can't get beyond "all those parentheses."

so, i gave up. i joined a carpentry union, and am now learning to make custom cabinetry. it's nice to be in a field where "close enough" doesn't count, where you have to be exact and pay attention to detail (otherwise things don't fit).
All the previous comments hold true. The huge time commitment. Potential salary drop initially.

Most everyone would like to have their own business. However a successful one that doesn't drive you broke or nuts is tricky.

Graham and Spolsky make terrific points but as you've said there is alot more to it. Marketting is one of them.

The omission I see with Spolsky's "best of the best" argument is that managing techs is like "herding cats".

Too often I see fresh developers come out of university with all that book learning which they hammer everything with.

There needs to be a sound business plan and clear targets set. I'm not entirely convinced that a group of techs can produce a viable product without consultation.

Note that he presides over the project that his student groups undertake.

Strong leadership is required to ensure that the basic progress is achieved. Everything else is cream if you can afford to give developers a day to work on their own stuff.

I would very much like to do this myself. However I've yet to come up with an idea that would be worth the commitment. More a failing in myself then anything.

For the moment, I work on my business experiences, networking and tech skills. I see it as a process where you keep working towards the goal. The end business is more likely a permutation of what your doing now or you stumble across it in the process.
Yes, please.

I wish someone (bright) like you would start their own software company...or else join with me. I definitely have some good ideas worth pursuing...

Drop me a line if you're interested:

hagat dot cosmos at gmail dot com
I feel your pain. However, as being both from the assembler/c/c++/demoscene/diy and university/java/UML/design patterns backgrounds, a word of caution when it comes to scripting languages. In my opinion, even though scripting increases expressivess and decreases your loc, I'm not overly convinced of their robustness. Most importantly though, I think those guys at sun have a point when they try to keep everything as simple as possible. Mainly because it is simple and forces you to do things in certain ways, java reads like a book. This is one of the single most enjoyable aspects of this language in my opinion. This means that if some moderately skilled person writes something, I can actually still understand the code after he leaves the company. So yes, it sometimes feels like you're hauling bricks, but in the end, I think the effort pays off. Java at least seems to have a general idea of what it is supposed to do, and has certain guidelines that people seem to follow. This is what I miss when I see the mess that the opensource Python community produces these days.
I am with you. I have always wanted to start my own company. Actually, I kind of did, but I am not making any money off of it. Start right now with your company. Start building ideas, start building the product. And call yourself a parttime CEO. I think one of Paul Graham's main messages is persistence. Persistence above everything else. Take Paul Graham or (I like Philip Greenspun) it seems like both have had one project and then milked it until they got older. That being said, as a parttime CEO plan out ONE good plan and ride it. You may not gain anything in a month, year, 2 years but eventually you will have what you want.

Always try to make forward steps. After a couple of steps, then start telling others about your ideas. Maybe bring friends onboard.
The reason you don't see any job postings for Ruby, Python, Lisp, etc, is directly related to their efficiency.

If you need 3 Java developers to match the output of 1 Ruby developer, you're going to need 3 times more job postings.

Furthermore, people who use the "fringe" languages tend to be better programmers in general (including a MUCH higher percentage of "superstars"). So that 3-to-1 ratio can become something as drastic as 5 or even 8-to-1 when you factor in the skills of people using each respective language.

When you need such a small number of developers, you can generally satisfy that demand with friends and acquaintances- and rarely have to resort to job postings.

And for the record, I can read Ruby "like a book"- your comment holds no water. I find it much easier to read a 30-line chunk of Ruby code than a 90-line chunk of Java code. I only have to read what's necessary- not the useless code aerobics.
Oh yea. I wouldnt touch Java with a 10 foot pole for a microISV. It takes way too much time to move forward on anything. It is great in an Enterprise environment where you have 10,20,30 developers fulltime with testers.

I could be wrong, but something like Ruby is way more agile.
For what it's worth, I came to Ruby from these mainstream languages, and it took me a while to grasp a new way of thinking in Ruby and create my selection of tools based on it. Now I'm as free as a bird from the guys like Sun and Microsoft, for the most part.

If you take the Capability Maturity Levels, 1 being ad hoc, and progressively going to 5 and maturity, I would say that I'm 2 or 3 more or less. That's the good part of it. Consider that one can spend 7 years of his life improving his approach to software development, instead of lending the time to an employer who doesn't give a damn about a bunch of things. Once you reach a certain level of maturity with something that could be considered eccentric to other people, you couldn't give a damn to what they think, either.

That said, functional programming can be very weird to most people, but the developers get a lot done with very little code. There are lots of folks having serious fun with functional programming, even though most of us can't understand their code. :-)

Check out the likes of:
For instance.

1. get eccentric;
2. get mature;
3. profit&enjoy;
I think you should never shy away from starting your own company. The single most common reason that startups fail is that they are never started in the first place!

Having said that, you should probably read this article by Spolsky about exactly what you were concluding anyway:
If you don't worry about the myInt < 0, you can do this in Ruby:

AClass =, :my_string)

Or if you do want !(myInt < 0):

class AClass <, :my_string)
def my_int=(i)
raise ArgumentError, "My int must be positive"
@my_int = i

Or, if you want to be cool:

class Class
def attr(name, &constraints)
varname = '@' + name.to_s
constraints ||= lambda {true}

define_method(name) do

define_method(name.to_s + '=') do |val|
raise ArgumentError, "#{name} can't be #{val}" unless
instance_variable_set(varname, val)

class AClass
attr(:my_int) {|i| i >= 0}

(sorry, this is unreadable without indentation)

The first part defines the attr method, and AClass uses it. That's a total of 4 very short lines. It's even shorter than the example you gave if you count the tokens (which is a better indication than lines). Lisp can do the same (probably better) with macros.

Time to start your own company, do not wait for the Ruby jobs!
To try and address the questions

1. First identify a software market where you might actually sell some software.

2. Choose the development tools that make sense for that market - you need tools that build code that can be deployed in a professional manner and that fits your future customer's expectations (usiness expectations are very different to home users).

3. Hire the best programmers you can because your market will change and you need to be ready to jump quickly and be a leader in your new market place.

Good luck if you go for it
I can fully sympathise with your desire to start your own software company and get it right. But first you need something to write that you are passionately interested in (other then programming) not just something that you can write.

Most programmers can turn their hand to writing software for pretty much any application you could mention but someone has to find the customers, understand and empathise with the customers and look good in a suit.

If all these hats do not fit you then you are asking for a lot of dumb luck to help you out. It's always important but rarely the core of a business plan.

If you have something that you need to write and you wont fall foul of a non competitive clause with your current employer and you have connections into that market then go for it.

If not I wouldn't recommend it.
I think I'm in a similar situation as you are (I wonder if it is Java making people want to 'do better' or too much reading of Paul and Joel).

Since you're probably going solo to start with, have a look at

Life Beyond Code.

There is a PDF about 'personal branding', which I think might help. The Blog itself has a lot of good things on it too.

I am running my own company, and read a lot on Paul Graham, and Joel.

And I have a blog too to document my findings in lisp, and generally in programming.

If you really want to start a business, you have to got a geek, and superb marketing guy.

That's it. That's all you need. You can't have all geeks, and no marketing wizard, and vice versa.

I can't say, our company is successful, yet. But i can see the results from this.

Marketing guys, knows how to sell stuff. They know how to direct where the application development goes.

But of course, the marketing guy has to listened to the geek, and discuss it from there.

So, just an advice, start your company with a minimum of 2 persons, because you can't go it alone.

And get a great marketing guy (who will run the sales, accounting, phon e calls, meeting clients)...yea...the abstraction layer for the geek.
You're right to think about it, but you're not focused on the right first step.

You need to start by finding an answer to this question: "Can I use software to fix a problem people have, that people are willing to pay to have fixed?"

Too often we start writing code without a business model and though we might have an interesting project, it's not a sustainable company.

Check out: and

Note that is a great site in general; FWIW Dharmesh Shah is a better model for you than either Graham or Spolsky.
Not sure what your risk tolerance is, but if the threshold is low you can always start by writing a piece of software you need. Something that works absolutely the way you wish something else worked. Build it up slowly and deliberately taking care to leave out gratuitous garbage. Once you see it taking real shape add some polish to it and shop it around with VCs. If you vision is good and your execution is right you may be able to secure startup funding.
take a look at Scala. Functional OO Language that compiles to the jvm
"For the sake of this discussion, know I consider it the same as C# and better than C++"

You can't just make those assumptions, use the right tool for the right job! C/C++ is still used for the vast majority of software where performance is key and can make or break an app. Take games or OS kernels for example, still don't see too many of those written in java.

If performance is not one of the deciding factors (which is actually the case for a large percentage of software development today), then the productivity gains from using a more "powerful" language (python, ruby, lisp, etc.) is definitely a good idea.

Java and C# are more of a middle ground "safe" approach between the two. Which is why managers and decision makers are all over them. That and the hype machines behind both of those.

Of course, this is all just my own opinion. =)
Yes, you should start your own software company, but you don't have to do it alone.

I've been working out some ideas on different ways to do software startups and to create 'micro-ecosystems.' You can read what is there so far here .

As for choice of programming language, I've been programming C++ for 15+ years and Java since shortly after it came out. Both have their place, I believe. I recently decided to fold a C++/Java project that I had been working on for the past 3 years and take a different approach. I decided to go with Python and wxPython so it could be cross-platform, and so far, it's been working out great.

The entire GUI layer took a little under a month to reimplement and the guts look to be going just as fast. I can't tell you how many times I've come across modules that took me weeks to write in C++ and Java but are either already built-in or can be put together with a paragraph full of Python code. Plus, it now works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Performance so far looks to be pretty good and I'm planning on profiling the finished code and moving whatever bottlenecks I find into C code.

The point is, don't get too attached to the programming language or platform. Use whatever lets you bring your product to market faster -- on this I totally agree with Paul Graham. Most people want to use your product. They don't care what language it's written in.

I hate to say it, but after years of having similar language discussions with other developers, I've reached the conclusion that getting bogged down on the choice of language is just a subtle form of procrastination from rolling up the sleeves and doing the actual hard work of building a great product.
I started and have my own software company. It's a lot of work, but very possible.

The most work is selling the thing. Convincing people to part with their money. Everything else is nonsense. I don't care what platform you use, it could be written in notepad, or whether you have galley slave conditions or tastefully decorated offices in Manhattan.

If the end result is a product in high demand that people will part with their money for, and if you can get the word out about it, you will succeed. As I am. Sales and Marketing.
Move to contracting.

Salary is for mediocre by the book developers. From your post it sounds like you are a talented, driven developer. You will never be satisfied with salary. (The one exception is if you have a big slice of a start up, Something greater then 1%)

Contracting is the gateway to your own business. You get rewarded for each hour you work. You will also make more money, and learn the accounting skills to survive running your own shop.
I've been a wage slave and self employed. Each has its calling. I'm retired after a 30-plus year career in the software development industry. Here are some of my observations that might influence your thinking:

There is more than an order of magnitude difference in productivity among programmers. As an employee of a a big company, you will not be compensated in proportion to your contribution if you are among the most productive. At best, maybe you can get a 50% premium over others with the same education and experience. Skill, speed, accuracy have nothing to do with compensation.

As an independent contractor, you can get at least 100% premium once your name is known by the pimps ^h^h^h^h^h body shops. Once you can put the infrastructure in place to be your own body shop, you can get up to 500% premium.

You will have to have to have some financial cushion before becoming self employed. Either have cash reserves to hold you between dry spells, or a working wife (or the like).

You will need some risk tolerance. Not everybody is successful, no matter how good your skills and abilities. There are some things you just cannot control.

Any piece of software is only as good as the process that was used to develop it. You do not have to be CMM-3 or higher, but you do have to have some form of continuous process improvement that keeps your team from making disasterous, expensive mistakes. As a mimimum starting point, see Spolsky's "The Joel Test".

The waterfall model works for dullards, sort of. It takes way too long to get anything done for brighter than average engineers, but is necessary for CYA PHBs and double digit IQs. Avoid it if you can. Use some form of eXtreme programming, iterative model, phased model, or the like. Do *all* of the system architecture up front. Do the detailed design and implementation as you do each phase of the project.

Programming language does not matter one whit. There is no silver bullet. No tool is the answer to the challenges of software development. It is unlikely that there will be anytime soon either.

Avoid using any language that uses "garbage collection" memory management. It teaches bad habits and makes for lazy, sloppy engineers.

Read the gurus of the software development process: Fred Brooks; Gerald Weinberg; Steve McConnell; ... They've seen it all before. Use their experience to keep yourself out of trouble.

Death Marches are the sign of bad management. You may have to do one occasionally, but more than 200 hours in 4 weeks continuously, without at least straight time compensation is abusive. Don't tolerate it.

Never work for a manager (where you are the programmer) that has less than 5 years programming experience on systems efforts similar complexity to your current undertaking. Never hire a software development manager that has not programmed in the last 10 years. Absolutely never hire a development manager that has never programmed at all.

There's more, but I'm tired of typing.
Great points, I love the term "discovery" for design. That could be expanded into a whole discussion on its own.

As for your general point, I think the short answer is "yes, assuming that you have everything else it takes to become a business owner." This topic has been written on heavily elsewhere so I won't repeat it. If you're looking for info try Eric Sink's (another Joel/Paul type guy) entry on the subject.

Another option is to find a company which is a better match for you. The best businses relationships are ones in which both parties (in this case, the employee and the employer) are of like mind. Luckily in these hale days there are plenty of companies founded with geek values (meritocracy, best tool for the job, productivity achieved is more important than number of hours worked). The obvious ones you might know: Google, Microsoft (maybe less these days), or 37signals. But there are countless other less-known startups - like Joel's company, or Eric Sink's company, for some examples.

Which brings me to the shameless plug portion of this post:

So yeah, they're out there. You just gotta look.

(You know, it's too bad there's no job posting forum for this type of company. Maybe we need to start or
Setter and Getter methods are evil. As in your example, having to explictly define a setter/getter generates a lot of unnessary code. In addition your Java examples hides class 'behavior' in an otherwise simple setter method. Throwing the exception is fine, but could you imagine 1,2,3 .... 100's of setters throwing the same Exception. Ouch! Better to define a each setter their own Exception class. Of course then you have a bunch more code to maintain. Not Good!

Setter/getter methods make it simple to add logic code in a way that makes it very difficult to maintain/extend.

Your proposed syntax not only reduces your LOC, but more importantly it defines the class, the state to maintain, and the behavior. The rest is just the glue.
Read the e-Myth Revisted, by Michael Gerber
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I'll second the recommendation to read "The e-Myth Revisted, by Michael Gerber". I got two messages out of it:
(a) Most business are started by people with technical skills, who can see a better way of doing things. (I used to think "business people" started businesses).
(b) Consider your own relationship with the business you are trying to construct. If you are, and always will be, an essential part of it, then "you don't own a business; you own a job". For some techies, owning a job is OK as long as it's a good one. But if you're goal is to own a business (which you could sell and retire for example), watch out that you don't end up owning a job (which you can't sell and leave) instead.
If you haven't already read it, I recommend The Art of Lisp & Writing by Richard Gabriel. Here is a quote:

There are, of course, many situations when making change more difficult is the best thing to do: Once a program is perfected, for example, or when it is put into light-maintenance mode. But when we are exploring what to create given a trigger or other impetus—when we are in flow—we need to change things frequently, even while we want the system to be robust in the face of such changes. In fact, most design problems we face in creating software can be resolved only through experimentation with a partially running system. Engineering is and always has been fundamentally such an enterprise, no matter how much we would like it to be more like science than like art. And the reason is that the requirements for a system come not only from the outside in the form of descriptions of behavior useful for the people using it, but also from within the system as it has been constructed, from the interactions of its parts and the interactions of its parts separately with the outside world. That is, requirements emerge from the constructed system which can affect how the system is put together and also what the system does. Furthermore, once a system is working and becomes observable, it becomes a trigger for subsequent improvement. The Wright Brothers' first flying machine likely satisfied all the requirements they placed on it, but they were unwilling to settle for such modest ambitions—and neither was the world—and even today we see the requirements for manned flight expanding as scientific, engineering, and artistic advances are made.
I know you say you hate C++, but I thought I'd write up a tutorial on how to do the sort of accessor handling that you wanted in C++. One thing with C++ is that you can use the very complex syntax to make it easier to write code. Most programmers don't need to use the complex syntax to write applications.

Unfortunately one thing that has given C++ a bad name is all the libraries written for C that are used. C thinking still pervades too many C++ libraries. The STL part of the standard library is a nice exception and so are the Boost libraries. I think my FOST.3 libraries are also a good example. If you're using pointers in C++ then I think you're using the language wrong.

As for the company bit, I've been running my own software companies since I was 15. It's a lot of fun and you do keep control of how you work. You also get the stress of trying to keep the sales pipeline full - that's not always an easy task.

It really seems to me though that much of your frustration is that the language you use day to day simply isn't powerful enough for the level that you have now reached. Take another look at C++, play with Lisp (as I think somebody else pointed out). Learn to express yourself in pure functional languages as well as OO languages. Sit down and learn Smalltalk, the generics in C++ and see how much programming you can do through Excel spreadsheets using only the formulae. All of these things will inspire you to learn new things and express your software in more appropriate ways.

The accessors stuff in C++ is at killed the get & set accessors. It's written as a tutorial, but is directly inspired by your questions on how to better write accessors.

Hope this helps :-)
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Cubicle farms produce bloated, crufty code, and result in high turnover rates in the programmer corps for large corporations -- so treat programmers like highly skilled, valuable humans, not mutually interchangeable parts of a machine.

Being answerable to investors causes one to lose some measure of control to those investors -- so don't rely too heavily on their money (if you must rely on it at all). In fact, plan a way to do things without having to get outside funding at all, if at all possible.

Startups that produce something nobody wants can only "succeed" if you scam someone -- so ensure you have something people (other than you and your investors) want.

Using obtuse, slow tools causes programmers to burn out, lose interest, and generally produce crap, overbudget and overdeadline -- so use intelligent, agile tools, as much as possible.

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that's pretty interesting i did the same from programming to cabinetry. i started working with a friend of mine and learning carpentry and realted trades. last december we partnered and started our own company..."system cabinets" now i write small programs using ruby and python to automate routine tasks...i have leanrtso much in the last year and a half..although i work twice as much but its much more rewarding. but i still love programming and hence i hack in ruby...IMHO programing is an art that can prepare you for any field of work and or study....and languages like ruby and python facilitate that process...where as c++ and java type languages just have way too much bloat...these days i am trying out ruby on rails and the simplicity of development is simplicity there's great complexity
owning and operating a succesfull business versus your choice of language java, C++, ruby et al are two separate things. if you start a company on the premise that you are a c, c++, java, python or any language or technology guru the chances are that you will fail in a year or two. most of us want to start a business because we are good at doing something baking pies, developing software, cooking and then one day we are bit by the entreprenurial bug hence we think about baking pies all day being our own boss and making tons of money etc etc. but if you continue to be the techie that you are you business will become a noose around your neck and you will eventually be like most people who are in business for themselves overworked and underpaid. inorder to be succesfull in any business you need to learn to establish a balance between the techie, the manager and the entrepreneur in you. and develop a system for operating your business in a manner which repeatable, predictable and hence successfull. You can start by reading a book "E-myth" by Michael Gerber which explain all this in much more detail. I definetly will encourgae you to start your own business there's nothing like but do yourself a favor and read the e-myth and follow the program laid out in it for starting your business. Its not easy and involves a lot of work but then again nothing good is easy and nothing easy is good!!!
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